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Order to Collection

Our service empowers clients to effectively oversee the entire Order to Collection cycle. With a focus on optimizing and collecting Account Receivables portfolios, we provide comprehensive solutions for financial management.


Tailored for clients seeking organizational revision and optimization for accelerated growth. Specializing in finance and administration, our services are designed to enhance overall operational efficiency.

Financial Services

We specialize in company restructuring and asset management with a primary goal of assisting businesses in reorganizing to secure financing from both banking and non-banking institutions.

Trade Finance

Our service facilitates companies' involvement in the trade finance process, managing the entire back-office cycle from issuing purchase orders to the collection of Account Receivables.

About Us

Since 1995, our organization has dedicated their efforts to provide a third party service in the “Cycle of Order to Collection” throughout the Americas. Our operations consisted in presence in several of these countries and over 300 employees assigned in these offices at that time.   
Because of the reliability and results of our services and our collaboration with a first level banking institution, we were able to provide the “Order to Collection” service to several Fortune 500 companies in different countries in the Americas.